Congress is
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New legislation could raise or lower the cost of wood pellets by as much as $50/ton.

The Alliance for Green Heat is an independent non-profit environmental organization working for you and other homeowners with biomass heating systems.

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Benefits of Wood Pellets

Heating with wood pellets will help you reduce your home’s carbon footprint by reducing greenhouse gas emissions. A new study commissioned by the Massachusetts Department of Energy Resources found that heating with biomass, such as wood pellets, can reduce greenhouse gas emissions by as much as 25%. Using biomass to create electricity, however, does not have a favorable result. To learn more about the positive carbon impact of heating with renewable biomass or to read the study, please click here.

Manomet Study Full Report
Massachusetts Department of Energy Resources Press Release Commends Patrick Administration for Groundbreaking Biomass Sustainability Study

  • Wood pellets are a carbon neutral heating fuel
  • Our wood pellets come from residuals, by-products or sustainably managed forests
  • Using wood pellets stimulates our economy and creates thousands of green jobs
  • Modern pellet fuel combustion systems are extremely clean-burning, with extremely low emissions
  • Using biomass for heat is more efficient than allocating those same resources to make electricity or biofuels

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