Blaze King New The Chinook CBT Wood Stove

You get to decide which is perfect for your home. The more contemporary appearance of the Blaze King Chinook-CBT with curved sides or the more classic lines of the Chinook-CBT with flat sides.

Blaze King was the first manufacturer to certify a clean burning catalytic wood in November of 1984 under the Oregon Department of Environmental Quality. We have continued to refine our catalytic combustion design and while others in our industry have turned their backs on the technology, we have embraced it whole-heartedly. The Chinook CBT (Clean Burn Technology) is our cleanest burning catalytic wood stove and embodies nearly three decades of continuing refinement.


Model:   New The Chinook CBT
Fuel:   Wood Thermostat:   Yes
Capacity:   -- Efficiency:   1%
Max BTU:   40000 Log Size  
Type:   Stove Width:   30"
Style:   Contemporary Height:   35"
Construction:   -- Depth:   31.5"
Ignition Type:   Manual Weight:   450 lbs
Colors:   Black


Automatic Thermostat & By Pass

Blaze King’s thermostat eliminates the need for constant adjustment of draft controls such as those found on ordinary wood stoves. This thermostat, which we have used since 1977, automatically compensates for the natural uneven burning of wood. The by pass handle lifts a steel plate and should be opened each time a fire is started or wood is added to the fire. When closed, the by-pass redirects all the hot gasses through the catalytic combustor to assure peak performance, ultra clean burning and high efficiencies.

Dual Air Fan System

Radiant heat only works when there are no obstacles in the way. Unfortunately the truth is most homes are filled with furniture and other obstacles, blocking radiant heat. Blaze King solves this problem by using a dual fan system to move room air over the stoves top surface, warming it and circulating it into your home.

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