Hearthstone Bari Wood Stove

The ideal complement of color strategy and design, the soft texture and sustained warmth of natural soapstone, the enduring relevance of its pleasing cylindrical shape. Capable of rotating 180° and being locked in 13 different positions, it extends its invitation throughout a space, a curved glass window providing visual passage to an amazing spectacle of cyclonic fire. Plus, because it warms with the radiant heat of soapstone, it maximizes comfort with a minimum of effort.


Model:   Bari
Fuel:   Wood Thermostat:   --
Capacity:   1400 sq. ft. Efficiency:   1%
Max BTU:   35000 Log Size   17
Type:   Stove Width:   19.5"
Style:   Contemporary Height:   41.5"
Construction:   -- Depth:   19.5"
Ignition Type:   Manual Weight:   475 lbs
Colors:   Gray


1.25 cubic foot firebox

Accepts 17" logs (vertically). The large front door provides maximum loading ease and unparalleled views of the fire.

Steele double-wall construction

Creates efficient convection heat; greatly reduces clearances, with built-in wrap-around rear heat shield.

150-lb. of soapstone accents

Dramatically increases heat life, efficiency and comfort – the soapstone absorbs the intense heat produced by the stove and evenly, gently radiates it into your home. The massive soapstone slabs release their stored heat gradually providing comfortable warmth even after the fire is out for hours.

Integral rear heat shield

Built-in rear heat shield allows the stove to be placed closer to a wall increasing installation options.

Roates 180 degrees

The Bari woodstove can be rotated 180 degrees on its axis, enabling it to be oriented in 13 different locked positions. You can enjoy viewing the lively fire from many different vantage points in the room.

Unmatched fire viewing

Air entering the firebox through the stove’s secondary air tubes ignites the gases rising off the burning wood. The resulting light and flames provide dazzling fire viewing, even when the fire is burning at a low rate.

Non-catalytic combustion system

Clean burning, more complete combustion provides more heat from less wood, greater efficiency; reduced smoke, creosote build-up, and very low particulate emissions. Maintenance free!

Single air-intake control

Stove operation is easy; performance more consistent.

Outside air adapter (optional)

Improved efficiency in today’s newer "airtight" homes; reduces cold air drafts along the floor.

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