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Hearthstone Bennington Wood Stove

The largest of our cast iron woodstoves, the Bennington generates an impressive 70,000 BTUs when fully loaded, able to heat areas of up to 2,200 square feet. With an exclusive double-wall cast iron frame and built-in rear heat shield, the Bennington’s huge firebox actually serves as a convection chamber that allows air to circulate within, and then return, thoroughly warmed, into the room. The Bennington's Non-catalytic combustion system creates more heat with less wood. And, with both front and side doors, loading the Bennington is simple. A large, self-cleaning window means you can relax and enjoy the flames for hours.


Model:   Bennington
Fuel:   Wood Thermostat:   --
Capacity:   2200 sq. ft. Efficiency:   1%
Max BTU:   70000 Log Size   23
Type:   Stove Width:   30"
Style:   Traditional Height:   29.5"
Construction:   -- Depth:   22"
Ignition Type:   Manual Weight:   470 lbs
Colors:   Matte Black, Brown Enamel


2.5 cubic foot firebox

Accepts 23" logs. Front and side doors provide maximum loading ease and increased fuel efficiency.

All-cast double-wall construction

Creates efficient convection heat; greatly reduces clearances, with built-in rear heat shield.

13-lb. cast iron heat exchanger

Unique in the industry; dramatically increases heat transfer and efficiency and enhances the quality of heat stored.

Integral rear heat shield

Built-in rear heat shield allows stove to be placed closer to the wall; ready to accept optional fan.

45-degree flue collar

Flexible installation; stove can be installed as a freestanding unit or as a hearth stove.

Unmatched fire viewing

Air entering the firebox through the stove’s secondary air tubes ignites the gases rising off the burning wood. The resulting light and flames provide dazzling fire viewing, even when the fire is burning at a low rate.

Non-catalytic combustion system

Clean burning, more complete combustion provides more heat from less wood, greater efficiency; reduced smoke and creosote build-up.

Single lever air-intake control

Stove operation is easy; performance more consistent.

Outside air adapter (optional)

Improved efficiency in today’s newer "airtight" homes; reduces cold air drafts along the floor.

Fan with built-in thermostat and rheostat (optional)

Helps spread heat evenly throughout home; fan operates only when stove is at significant heat level. The rheostat controls fan speed.

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