Magnum 6500 Pellet Furnace

Our future's most cost effective and abundant source of heat is being grown in America's heartland. Corn is readily available and waiting to be put to creative, efficient use. The ability of the MagnuM 6500 Biomass/Corn Furnace to burn your choice of corn, wood pellets, Flex-fuels and other alternative heat sources gives you the flexibility you need. An investment in a MagnuM 6500 Biomass/Corn Furnace means 100% of your dollars stays in America.

  • Improved Combustion
  • Enhanced Systems means cleaner burn, less ash
  • Expanded Heat Exchanger
  • Proven Technology
  • Large flame viewing area for your pleasure and ease of control
  • Enough capacity to meet your needs
  • No more heat bills that look like another house payment; stay warm for less


Model:   6500
Fuel:   Pellets Thermostat:   --
Capacity:   -- Efficiency:   97%
Max BTU:   78000 Hopper Size   pounds
Type:   Furnace Width:   26"
Style:   Traditional Height:   47.5"
Construction:   -- Depth:   36"
Ignition Type:   Automatic Weight:   --
Colors:   Green Illusion


  • Revolutionary firepot design for extended burn times between cleaning - no fuel stirrer means less fly ash generation
  • No need to shut down furnace to remove clinker
  • No fuel stirrer to replace
  • The "Thermostat ready" MagnuM 6500 fits your every need by allowing you to choose what heat setting works best for your home, resulting in less wasted energy dollars.
  • The "Furnace with a view", MagnuM 6500, gives you the flexibility of installing your furnace for your viewing pleasure. You will know how the unit is performing and when maintenance is needed.
  • The "ease of installation" will allow more locations for your furnace installation, along with saving a ton of money by not having to put up an additional chimney.
  • The MagnuM 6500 is designed with the most "advanced heat exchangers" and "air distribution system" on the market today. This keeps the heat in your home not up the chimney. Along with the high-tech design, it allows close clearances to combustibles, making the MagnuM 6500 one of the most versatile and space saving Flex-fuel furnaces on the market.

Additional Features:

The Model 6500 MagnuM Flex-fuel furnace is available in Gold, Nickel door finishes and etched glass sceneries.

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