Bulk Delivery

Most wood pellets in the US today are sold in 40-pound bags, stacked and shrouded on pallets, and delivered by the ton. But a growing number of people are discovering convenient and cost-effective bulk wood pellets – loose pellets sold by the ton, but without any bags.

Unfortunately, WoodPellets.com does NOT offer bulk delivery at this time.

Benefits of Bulk:

  • Less waste. No pallets or plastic bags.
  • More convenient delivery into storage solution best suited for your home
  • Safety! Don't have to pick up, carry, haul up or down stairs, set down, tear open, and empty a 40lb bag into your appliance
  • Dedicated location for storage. No more storing bags in your truck, closet, back patio, storage room, or any number of other locations
  • Less dust in the house with a complete storage and transfer system