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Looking for more detail? Our site is jam-packed with info all about wood pellets and wood pellet stoves, and you can even calculate your savings with pellets or find a local stove dealer.

Pile of pellets

What are wood pellets?

Wood pellets are a heating fuel made of clean, compressed sawdust. They are efficient, easy to use, and 100% natural, and they are becoming more popular for their cost savings and environmental benefits.

How do I burn wood pellets?

Wood pellets are burned in high efficiency stoves, fireplace inserts, and central heating systems. There is very little waste product from burning pellets (with a high quality brand of pellets, you’ll typically see about a quarter cup of ash per bag burned).

How big is a skid?

It depends. All of our skids (a.k.a. pallets) are 4’x3.5’, but the height can vary because different manufacturers will stack different weights on a skid to get you the most pellets at the best price. The brands we sell come on 1.0, 1.3, and 1.5 ton skids.

Skid sizes

Should I buy hardwood or softwood pellets?

Most pellet stoves today are built to burn hardwood or softwood pellets with equal efficiency. So, it’s up to you to select a brand you like based on quality and budget. Softwoods can be more expensive, but with their higher heating value, you will get more heat with less pellets, and far less ash. (You get what you pay for, we recommend softwoods)

Are wood pellets really good for the environment?

Yes, they are! Burning pellets releases fewer carbon emissions than if trees were left to decompose in the forest. And if you heat with pellets for a year, you’ve just reduced your fossil fuel usage by the same amount as if you drove a Toyota Prius for a year… but for a lot less money! And if you’re wondering how burning wood can be good for the forest: pellet manufacturers obtain wood through sustainable forestry practices, and often the raw wood is clean, leftover material from lumber plants and saw mills.

Ordering from WoodPellets.com

If you have more questions, give us a call at 1-800-PELLETS. Our Pellet Experts will happily walk you through our order process and answer all your questions.

Customer Service team

This is a big purchase to make online. How do I know you’re a reputable company?

Browse our customer feedback page or call us at 1-800-PELLETS to speak to our customer service team… But you don’t have to take our word for it! We received the Perfect Record Award from the Better Business Bureau, or ask around on online forums. We pride ourselves on bringing you the best pellets at the best prices, and we’re happy to answer any questions you have about us or our pellets!

When will you charge my credit card?

We’ll authorize your credit card when you place your order (just to make sure your information is correct), and once you confirm your delivery date with us, we will charge your card.

There is however one exception. Storage orders must be paid in full at the time of placing the order.

Can I buy a truckload of fuel?

Bet we can help you with that! Give us a call at 1-800-PELLETS and ask to speak with someone in truckload sales.

Can I pick up my order?

We specialize in home delivery, but we know some people would prefer to pick up their fuel. Check to see if we have a pickup location near you.

Delivery from WoodPellets.com

You’ll love getting the best wood pellets with convenient home delivery! And we guarantee that no one will treat your pellets better. Learn more from our community blog and our customers.

When will I receive my delivery?

Your delivery coordinator will contact you a few days in advance to confirm your delivery date. Most people receive their order in 1-2 weeks. But that can vary depending on the time of year, your location, and your needs. You can always give us a call at 1-800-PELLETS if you have specific requirements – we do our best to accommodate you!

The Pallet Jack

Where will you drop my wood pellets?

Where would you like us to drop them? When you place your order, we always ask for delivery instructions. We carry forklifts on all our trucks, so we can drop your pallets in your driveway or push them into your garage. And in most areas of New England, we can bring your pallets to the back of your garage with our optional pallet jack service.

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Do I have to be home for delivery?

Nope, not unless you’d like to be! If you’re not going to be home, please make sure to describe what you’d like us to do in the delivery instructions box when you order, and our expert drivers will follow your instructions to a tee. So if you want us to call when we’re 30 minutes away so you can come meet us, we will. If you want your wood pellets in front of the right garage bay door, we’ll drop them there. And feel free to use a marker to show us exactly where we should drop them.

Shrouded Skid

Can I keep my wood pellets outside?

All of our pellets are wrapped in protective shrouding, so, yes – they can weather the elements. If you’re going to store your pellets outside, we recommend the following course of action: (1) store your pallets in a high, dry area away from irrigation; (2) inspect your pallets and make sure there are no holes in the shrouding; and (3) cover your pallets with a water-proof tarp for an additional layer of protection.

Quality Guarantee from WoodPellets.com

We’re proud to offer world-class customer service along with the highest quality pellets, and we want you to be completely satisfied with your pellets, all the way through the heating season. And there are plenty of ways to hear more from our customers.

What makes a good pellet?

The best measures of pellet quality are (1) heat output, (2) ash content, and (3) moisture content.

Heat output is measured in BTU/lb. Most retailers will display the “moisture-free BTU value,” which is substantially higher than the “as received BTU value.” But realistically, the “moisture-free” value isn’t very useful for you, since it represents the heat outbound of a pellet after all the moisture is removed (and we assume that most people don’t have a laboratory-grade pellet dryer at home). So, the best fuels have an as received BTU value of 8000-8400, or a moisture-free BTU value of 8200-8800.

Ash Comparison

Ash content is measured as a percentage of weight and should be at most 1%. In other words: when you burn a 40-pound bag of pellets, you should have less than 6 oz. of ash (or about 3/4 cup). The less ash you have, the less often you have to clean your stove.

Moisture content is also measured as a percentage. A premium pellet must have less than 8% moisture, but higher quality fuels will have 6.5% or less. If the moisture content of your pellets is too high, you may notice that your fuel takes longer to ignite when you first fire up your stove.

What are Quality Certified pellets?

Our Quality Certification program guarantees that the pellets we sell exceed the ‘premium fuel standards’ defined by the Pellet Fuels Institute. We send our Quality Certified pellets to an independent laboratory to ensure they have less than 1% ash, less than 8% moisture, and a high heating value.


What if I’m not happy with my pellets?

You’re covered under our guarantee for all of our Quality Certified products. Our team is dedicated to bringing you the very best fuels at the best prices. We’re not happy until you’re 100% happy with your pellets, your delivery, and your service – and we guarantee that no one will treat you and your pellets better.

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