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Targeted Customers

It all starts on our home page with our famous 'Zip Code' pricing widget.

Each person who enters their zip (outside our home delivery area) will be matched against local retailers selling wood pellets. currently offers home delivery to most of NH and MA, and parts of CT, RI, NY, and ME.

But this still leaves a HUGE opportunity to match thousands of pellet buyers outside this area right to you!

Advertise Your Best Fuel Brands

Wood pellet consumers want choices and can be very loyal to premium brands. And when you sign up for a 'Premium' listing, you'll get to display up to six fuel brands.

Tell us if you offer home delivery and we'll make sure to display the 'Delivery Truck' icon as well.

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Making the Sale

With our 'Premium Listing', we make it easy for consumers to contact you directly with questions and requests for quotes.

Each listing contains your phone number and address - as well as a map that pinpoints your exact location.

And with a click of a button, the prospect can contact you directly!

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In order to 'Search Engine Optimize' your web site, you need links from sites like That's how Google decides which web sites to show for any given search phrase.

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So what are my listing options?

    Basic   Premium
Wood Pellet Retailer Listing
We'll show your basic contact information and map location.
Customer Leads!
We'll provide you contact information from real consumers who request information online.
Promote Your Fuel Brands
Advertise your best selling brands.
up to
6 brands
Top Search Results
'Premium' listings always go to the top of the list.
Search Engine Optimized Web Link
A link from to your web site.
    only $49
(1 year)
  only $99
(1 year)