• .6% ash
  • Hardwood
  • 6.00% moisture
  • 8500 BTU/lb
  • 8250 BTU/lb
    (as recieved)
Why two BTU values?

Cleanfire Blend *LAST CHANCE*


If you're looking for a clean burning wood pellet fuel that's perfect for your stove but easy on your wallet, Cleanfire Premium Blend is just what you need.

This all new, all natural pellet blend is a just-right mix of 40% hardwood and 60% softwood - which adds up to an optimal burn experience.

With an impressive heat output of over 8500 BTUs and a low ash content of less than .6%, you'll be able to keep your home nice and warm without all the extra cleaning.

At half the weight of a standard bag, these 20 pound bags will make filling your stove much easier!