Cleanfire Hardwood

8400 BTU/lb
0.52% Ash
$384.90 / ton

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Product Description

CleanFire™ Hardwood heating pellets are among the cleanest burning hardwood pellets available on the market. The pellets are made from a proprietary blend of recycled, clean hardwood shavings and wood chips. A small amount of softwood is then added to facilitate processing and ensure a consistent product.

  • High Performance Heat
  • Low Ash, Clean Burn
  • Quality Guaranteed

The Cleanfire™ brand of heating products continue to be the leader in the industry due to its exceptional quality controls and certified third-party lab testing that ensure you receive a consistently top-quality product.

Made in USA


Ash 0.52%
Moisture 5.00%
BTU (dry basis) 8400 BTU/lb
BTU (as received)
Why two BTU values?
8075 BTU/lb
Species Hardwood
Bags Per Skid 50 bags
Skid Height 48" inches