Cleanfire Ultra Douglas Fir

9200 BTU/lb
0.22% Ash
$519.90 / ton

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Product Description

Grown in the Pacific Northwest, wood from the Douglas Fir tree is legendary for its heating characteristics.  Cleanfire Ultra wood pellets are 100% Douglas Fir and are an environmentally sustainable product as they are sourced from recycled deadwood material. The heating pellets are transported from the Northwest region of the United States and proudly bagged here in New England to ensure the highest quality standards delivered to your door.


Ash 0.22%
Moisture 4.40%
BTU (dry basis) 9200 BTU/lb
BTU (as received)
Why two BTU values?
8550 BTU/lb
Species Softwood
Bags Per Skid 50 bags
Skid Height 48" inches